When there are no words, no actions that can be big enough to fill the holes created in the families who have now just lost loved ones. The act of terrorism that has been at the forefront for over a decade is accumulating innocent victims that have asked for none of it.

We see all kinds of people fleeing war zones and our answer is to close the boarders to send them back to which they fled. Have the people deciding to close these boarders thought what they would do in these people’s situations? Would they want people to show mercy on them like some other countries have been doing for others?

The world is in chaos, we all know that if it isn't Islamic State its global warming; and then if not either then look to North Korea. There is no easy solution but there needs to be one and soon. No one can quite understand the term fear breeds fear better than seeing some act of terrorism in their own county. Because you can't escape the news outlets, you can’t walk down a street and not see it on the newspapers. When it happens overseas it gets publicised but when it hits at home it’s with you for weeks, it’s on the faces of those it’s touched and those who feel too much. It’s on the memorials that spring up.

I wish there was an answer for this, I wish there was a solution in which there was some kind of peace. Because the question is what would it take to achieve this? Surely technology has come far enough to save hundreds and thousands of people their lives. Yet we still send our men and women off to war like they are puppets on a string, some which never return.

Today is my birthday, but all I can think of is the many lives who will not celebrate another one. No one is ever safe from terrorism; it can hit at anytime, anywhere and can be literally anyone. Yet there are places worse off than others, there are people fighting to live – nothing more than just live.

I send you my love, all of it because I know there are people right now that need it, that need to feel as if their world has not been shattered. I'm truly sorry for your loss.  



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