The best way that I can describe this place is the city that comes alive at night! Then by day the streets that are full of bikes that want to run you down.

I found there was a different vibe in Amsterdam than anywhere else I've been in Europe. It could be that prostitution is legal or that you can smoke weed and space cakes to your hearts content. I couldn't have found a better country to end my contiki on. The above in no reference to why it's the best. There are other factors into which I will get to.

Alana and I found that our room had two bathrooms which was fantastic for when we both had to get ready for the night out! At dinner I saw the first real veggies in 20 days which made me so happy for some unknown reason. 

My new friend Carla bought everyone on our tour a free shot each - I honestly do not know where she got all the money to pay for so many shots at the end of our trip after all! No one complained though, Carla was made a legend that night, not that she wasn't already :P

Now what I'm about to get into, isn't what I expected and I won't spend too long on it because well it's roughly 18+. We went to a live sex show. I thought it might be like a strip club but we actually watched  guys and girls have sex. Even girl on girl and a guy doing a sex dance. 

After the show Carla was keen to find a sex shop which we learnt close at 9 on mondays so we only had tomorrow to go with her to find something. 

Now as stated above weed and space cakes are legal in Amsterdam and yes we all tried it.

That was only the first night there!

Day Two

The morning began with a walk to the Amsterdam sign.

S = Spencer. The nickname given to me by my friend Carla during the whole trip. It's from the character on Pretty Little Liar's Spencer Hastings played by Troian Bellisario.

R= Roisin (Ro-Sheen) my name

M = Matt. The name of my lover and my best friend

My contiki friends also got some photo's as well :)


Lauren, Mez and Jess

Before making our way towards Anne Frank's house and then onto the Van Gogh Museum. 

Anne Frank's house was nothing to what I could have expected. All our cameras had to be put away which of course understood and respected but at the same time would have loved to be able to show those of you readers what I got to see and experience. If you ever get the chance to go to Amsterdam, don't just go for the red light district or the legal weed! Check out all the historical places the museums and other amazing places that's on offer. 

I have to say though I was a little bummed out to learn that my favourite painting 'The Starry Night'

Lives in New York and not with the other collections of his. So i'm already planning my New York Holiday with M to see it in the near future. 

I did get a sneaky photo in of another favourite 'Sunflowers' however;

Now I won't lie and say Alana and I did a little shopping. In fact there was even a suitcase purchased because we did that much! In fact we did that much we went straight to the restaurant to meet with the rest of our tour group because we ran out of time to take everything back to the hotel before hand. 

The FINAL dinner was full of memories of the past 20 days together. All the things we did, the drunk stories and the hook ups kinda like a pre-goodbye to everyone. I didn't even have 24 hours left at this point with Alana who was off from Amsterdam airport the next day to fly to Poland while I was heading back to England. 


Now for ANYONE that is EVER! In Amsterdam I recommend you check out this bar.

They have HARRY POTTER SHOTS (Do not get me started on how excited for that one, nor how amazing it tasted and looked)

M&M's which taste exactly like Chocolate is another one of my favourites of the night

That night created memories I'll never forget, a family that i've made from the best people I've ever met.

Goodbye contiki, it was the best 21 days of July I could have asked for.

Au Revoir, Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Tot Ziens




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