Alana and Roisin take London pt.1

I sit at London City Airport, confused as to if I'm in the right place. From the looks of it, I wonder if it can possibly be an airport. There are two coffee shops next to the arrival terminal, myself sitting in one.
With a mocha in hand, I'm trying to work my way up to coffee before my contiki trips starts.

I don't know how long I sat there before I see a familiar face walk through the doors. Alana has arrived!
Our first day sees us going local, looking at shops. She's like a little girl at christmas, I forget how new everything is for her, having been here a good few times before.

Over the next few days we try and cram as much into Alana's time in London that we could.

  • Tower of London
  • London Bridge
  • Wax Museum
  • London Eye
  • Big Ben
to name a few...

There were so many photo's to come out of the four days we had going around London, meeting up with friends who were over and shopping, oh the shopping. 

pt.2 coming soon



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