December. January. February. June

The months that fall into the season of summer for me this coming year.
I'll be the first to rave about how I prefer the hot weather over the cold, how much I love summer but the real thing is; Autumn is my real love.

Today feels like Autumn where it is warm enough to still wear shorts but you look for a warmer top to keep the goosbumps at bay. Only a week ago the sun was up high as I splashed amongst the water of the ocean, played among the sand dunes with camera in hand. It only takes a few days for summer to feel like autumn then feel like winter here. Australia the place I call home where four seasons can happen in one day.

As I was saying about a week ago my friend Mary and I headed to the local sand dunes to do a shoot for her blog (click just below):
Fashion is my boyfriend

The sand dunes which I have numerous of times run up and down with my boyfriend and friends for exercise and a little bit of fun. So here is how our shoot in the middle of the day (might I add) with the sun at its peak turned out :)

More photo's can be found on Mary's blog in the link at the top.



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