I always find Ireland to be somewhat different from the other countries I've ever gone to. Maybe it's because my family live on farms and all I can see are animals, grass, tractors and more grass. It's peaceful and the days go by so slowly I find myself not knowing what to do with my time.

So I went shopping. I bought so much I had to ship a whole package home to Australia throwing in one or two items from my carry on suitcase to lighten the load for the rest of my time over the water.

With all this money being spent on packages home I'm about sure I'll be spending £150 if not more to get the remainder of my items home to oz.. Along with friends presents that are so overdue, it might be easier just to take them in my carry on because one item in particular is heavy which is part of Mary's present. At least 2-3kg I don't want to pay for in excess or in my luggage stopping me from putting more in it :P more clothes :)

I have my bag packed (after contiki this bus ride is anything but long) and I'm ready to head off to Waterford to see some of my other family. I'm only there for the afternoon and night as come morning I'll be heading up to Dublin to meet my friends. I always miss Ireland when I leave but it's ok because I know I'll be back. With all the family I have over here I can't stay away from the place too long :)



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