Olympic Time

The energy and craziness has reached London this year with the Olympics in full swing now. I've personally left London to escape the hoard of people from all over the world taking over oxford street, I'm even heading over to Ireland for a week. I've been lucky with the weather, my contiki trip (with the best group I could ever have asked for) saved me from the horrible weather that has plagued the UK over the three weeks I've been away. The only thing I didn't consider till I arrived in the UK was that all the sports will be supporting GB. I'm glad when I finally got to see Ian Thorpe talk all about the Aussies! I won't be able to escape it after all I said seven years ago when I was in London, that I would be back for the games...let's hope my cousin Mel will be able to get us some free tickets :P

 Alana and Roisin take London coming up in the next post



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