A year ago to this day I was on an adventure. With little to no warning I booked a flight and went overseas to experience the welcoming in of a brand new year with my best friend.

How a year can seem so long ago. 

It really is the city that never sleeps New York, full of car horns, construction and people.
Oh how the city buzzed with people; with the knowledge that we know nothing really of how big the world has grown to become. The art, culture and lifestyle draws you in, wanting to trap you into it's nest and keep you there for good. 

Since that night - on a boat watching fire works dance above lady liberty I made a quiet promise to myself. This was going to be a year of growth for me. Yet nothing could have prepared me for the decisions i've come to make on where my life is going to lead. 

For one I got my act together and left my retail job for a full time one - even if it is only a contacted one that I'm still doing. From everyone's kind words so far it seems I may stay on. 

I'm hoping to purchase my first apartment in the new year. Pending how much it goes for of course. Two bedrooms and 30 years of paying off the place I'm sure. Yet this is something i've been looking into this year, taking adulating to a whole new level!

I'm actually in the photo 0_0

I joined a gym! Which for me is something on a whole new level of crazy! But when it's your best friend who's giving you more positives than negatives about why you should do it...read the first few words again. Looking forward to 2016 with F45 Caringbah!

I've come to accept myself for who I am imperfections and all. I've never been a big one for drinking and this year was a huge step backwards from it too. You can't even count the times I drank this year into one month so lets see how 2016 plays out. 

576 days from when I began typing this till I'll be back in England watching my cousin Peter get married to Sophie! So time to think of new countries to explore and photograph in 2017!

For now but, thank you 2015 for all the ups and downs. For the first end of a year I feel confident going into the next one, I have a greater sense of what I want to do. Where I want to be. Who I want to be with. 

So enjoy my small summary of 2015 below in picture format and at the beginning of this post.






See you in 2016!



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