6 hours it's all it took to manage to spend 600 pounds or there about.
That means 100 pounds an hour, and clearly a well deserved shopping spree with my aunt.
I'm exhausted. I really am and my feet are celebrating in my current seating position where moving doesn't seem to be happening for at least an hour. Truth be, I can't remember everything that was even purchased but I know I didn't go crazy, everything I have purchased are not items I already have.

The United Kingdom is going crazy with the olympics I can see. The logo which I don't know if everyone is aware of, is rude. Someone pointed out to me on facebook of all things that it looks like Lisa Simpson is giving her brother Bart a blowjob and from that moment of seeing it, that is not a logo that can be seen by me without telling those around me and laughing. I don't know what the mascot is about either, at least ours back in 2000 were our native animals, I think they just put something in photoshop and played around with it.

The days seem to go by so quickly here, I can't believe it's already 6:30pm and it feels like it's only 3 at least being that the sky outside is still so light.



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