How does the time pass by so quickly and yet manage to make me feel like I've only just arrived?

Thursday . Friday . Saturday . Sunday . Monday

You can pretty much cross out thursday, it's already the afternoon. I'm coming home - on monday. 

Germany . Amsterdam . Ireland . England x2

The countries where my packages home were sent from. I just hope I don't do any more shopping that's going to mean I have to send another one home. I'd like to come home with some money, if I can. 

I can't recall how much money I have spent, I can't tell you all the items I've purchased and I'm not going to say what I got for all the I.O.U birthday presents for people. 

I've seen so much and still not enough in the 10 weeks I've been in Europe. For the Olympics and the Paralympics are just a bonus to everything I've seen and done. To my wonderful and amazing family who have taken me in, refused my money and let me raid their wi-fi daily. I love you all, thank you. I would have been poor long ago had it not been for everything you have done. My contiki family may you always be buffaloed, I have many wonderful memories of Europe because of all of you. To Alana who put up with me for 3 weeks without wanting to shoot me <3

The photo's will begin to flood on here soon. Don't worry.

'Things change. And friends leave. And life doesn't stop for anybody' - Perks of being a wallflower

Until then though.
Don't go



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