#33 2013

Let's start off by me saying
to you all, may this year be one of many memories and fun times.

Sadly I didn't get to finish all my contiki posts from last year, but I only have a max of 4 more to come so they will be flowing through before the month is out. I have a few most posts from being back home as well so that will keep myself busy on here till at least February where I'm sure I'll have more posts :P

My 2012 year in summary:

  •  Entered a long distance relationship
  •  Spent 10 weeks in Europe
  •  Contiki with my friend Alana for 21 days around Europe
  •  Spent time with my UK and Irish family
  •  Fell in love with a cat called Sydney
  •  Accepted to do a Fashion Business course at 'The Fashion Institute'
  •  Boyfriend surprised me for Christmas for showing up at mine
  •  My mum became really sick and still is :(
  •  Seeing my favourite friends
  • Celebrating NYE with my boyfriend M, his family and Matty

As for my new years; it was spent at my boyfriends house with his family and our best friend Matty.

So in an image I saw online just before the clock his 12:00;

New post coming tomorrow from my contiki trip July 2012



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