Liechtenstein and Switzerland

We left Germany to head towards Liechtenstein a small independent country who used the Swiss Franc currency despite not being part of Switzerland. In times of trouble they get support from Switzerland but from what I've been lead to believe but that's all.

Everything was so expensive! The Swiss Franc is higher than the Australian even so it's strange to believe a small meal cost me at least $20 AUS when back home it would be no more than $12.

We didn't spend a lot of time there on account we were heading towards Switzerland but it was a lovely stop over and another chance to add another country to the number of places I've been able to say I've gone to.

Stoping on the way to our destination to a town called Luzern to get some swiss army knives and see some really beautiful attraction. We had a little time to go and shop and look around with Alana finally being able to find a jacket to keep the slight cold off her shoulders.

The bridge with the flowers was my favourite, check it out.

It was the afternoon when we reached a town called 'Latenbrunnen'. If I didn't write that name down in my travel diary I don't think I would have been able to spell it out for you now, but alas thankfully I did. 

Alana and I managed to get a two person room which came with three beds all together so we technically had 1 and half beds each. The section we were staying in was called the loft, a two level section which housed between 2-4 people per room. The main reason we chose the 2 person room was because we needed some privacy away from a girl called Mel. Who smoked like no tomorrow and was always waking us up at 2am in the morning to go and smoke in previous locations we had previously stayed in. 

The day we had to ourselves the weather didn't end up turning out so great. The trip to the top of the mountain to see the snow and play in it had to be suspended. 

We headed into town around 10 to a cafe which had free wi-fi. We lived for FREE wi-fi at this point of the trip since everywhere along the way tried to charge lots of money for it. My UK sim onyl cost me 2 pounds a day to use 25MB of internet a day. I managed to get by most of the days. 

By then we had decided to head for the big waterfall. Morgan (one of the girls I had made friends with on the trip) knew someone who lived in Switzerland - Clara. She told us that downloading movies and music and everything is free here if it is for private use only and not to be distributed. I think we need that rule in place here in Australia since we get everything so late as it is.

The rain came down on us all day, clothes soaked and needing to be dried; we took refuge in the cafe at our location. We actually got given blankets as we chose to sit outside to keep us company and amazing food and even better hot chocolate to add to that. 

Can I just say that the feeling of the rain hitting the window in the wood chalet we were staying in made for a dreamy sleep that took over. I was finally feeling better that my sickness was going away and I was almost back to full health. The red and white party that was taking place that night was a miss for me on account I felt myself getting better I didn't want to jinx it. Instead I sought sleep and even slept through all the loud noises of everyone coming back from it at 2/3am. I needed a decent night sleep it seemed. 

I really do what to come back to this place. It was fun, despite the not 100% good weather I enjoyed the time I got to spend there. Maybe next time I'll see more to Switzerland and more beautiful sights :)



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