Cancer is not something that can be made fun of easily; nor is it easy to understand the feelings and emotions of those that are going through it.  I myself am currently watching the strongest women I know, my own mother go through some of the hardest months of the year.  It's not easy to communicate to people about it especially the people that don't know what cancer is like without being face to face with it. Having it is one thing and watching someone go through it is another but it still effects your family all the same. 

I am so lucky to have my friends around for support, though at times being alone seems the only thing I want.  If it wasn't for my best friends Jess, Frankie and Matty I don't think I would have left the house at all aside from working and coming home.  My amazing boyfriend Matt who despite not being in the state is the source of my strength and without him I would be a bigger mess than I've been.  Not being able to talk to him everyday would have made me a hermit during these times more so than it has now.  They make my days despite i'm sure their comments saying they don't do much. 

Blogging is another story.  How to make sense of my emotions on a blog post when at times I can't seem to understand them myself day to day outside of it.  People believe that they can express themselves easier on a post, I think it means opening yourself more so up to the world, anyone can read this.  It's taken me a couple of years to realise that myself.  I'm 22 now and for so long I shared my emotions out on posts not caring what came of it.  This experience watching my mother go through cancer has really opened me up to spending more time in the world than online it. 

Which brings me to the lack of posts, I'm not sorry for them.  Neither will this be my last.  I have been focusing more time with my family as we go through this and hopefully next month will be the last chemo treatment my mother has to go through for what we all hope to be the last ever in her life.  I draw strength on my aunties recovery in England and hope that my mother's will be the same. 

Being online hasn't been my priority lately and most likely won't be so much till my mother has finished her chemo.  I have plans for this blog, first off I want to finish all the posts I had planned to put up before this set back.  There isn't much but maybe by the time I get them done - my mum can hopefully be classified in remission




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