I've been staring at these photo's for months now, waiting for some free time away from college and work to be able to post these up here for you. For the majority of my life (I turned 22 only three days ago) I've watched Daniel, Emma and Rupert grow up like I myself have.

I cried when Richard Harris died and applauded with tears in my eyes when Maggie Smith continued to film despite her cancer troubles. It's not just a family for the cast and crew but one for the rest of the world.

Harry Potter is part of my life, for many years I waited till midnight for the next novel to come out; for the movies along with them. This trip was a dream come true and I have my aunty and my cousin to thank for it.

Every wand box there has the names of cast and crew of everyone that has ever worked on any of the eight movies. 

It was magical! Like J.K Rowling said "Hogwarts is always there to welcome you home" and home I was!



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