We began our Holland adventure towards Amsterdam by stopping at a town called Edam. A town where to me nothing ever really happens. There was something about damn levels but being too excited to be riding around on bikes with everyone was more where my excitement level was at. Though being told we would have around 45 to an hour, it was sad that we only did get around 20-25 minutes or at least it seemed like that. 

Photo's credit to Ben (on account I'm actually in them)

The next place we stopped at was a Cheese and Clog making place. The cheese was boring, I'm not keen on trying all different types of it, even if I love to eat it. The gift shop was my highlight, on account of the lighter I got - I don't even smoke.

What's cool about it? The flame goes Green when you light it. The only reason which I purchased it.

So out the front of the store was this giant clog. We were told that the record was 33 on and in it and they were a whole bunch of Gymnasts so we didn't think that counted. Evana our tour guide had seen the most of 24 on there so that was our goal to beat!

That's me in the black top and shorts

I'll tell you what though. WE BEAT 24!

WE GOT 27!

Next one will be my last Contiki post: Amsterdam!



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