Why it sells as a name but not as a store. 

It is one of the most iconic stores in the world opening in 1964! With over 300 stores in the UK alone and expanding into over 100 other countries if you have not heard of it...then we can NOT be friends!

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am a HUGE if not one of the most biggest topshopaholics there is around! The amount of bags I have accumulated in my 5 trips to England, Ireland/Europe and America are not to be trifled with. My family and even friends will be able to back me up on that. In fact I visit the topshop website daily if not 2 times a day to see if anything new at all has come in.

I've been known to visit oxford street two days in a row and each day come out with another topshop bag. It's a problem I know. Everything just works so well. 

So to my point now is that Sydney - YOU ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG!
Melbourne I have not been to your one yet either but I assume it will be the same.

Sometime last year on twitter I was responded to by the topshop twitter account. They claimed they were in the developing stages for an topshop.com.au emphasis on the .AU.
You heard me correctly.
I was told there was going to be a website specifically for us Aussies. At this point there was only the Melbourne store which all I heard from was HORRIBLE reviews of. 

"They only have sizes 6 and 14 in stock"
"All the clothes are ugly, it's the reject of the other stores overseas"
The list sadly went on. 
My heart broke and mended when I logged onto the online store and purchased some tops. 

I can't tell you the amount of times I have entered the Sydney store expecting to find something amazing and wonderful. That my friends ask me where I got it from and have these words spring from their mouths "of course". Yet I have never to date walked out of the Sydney store with so much as the smallest bag they have!

Take my trip into there today.
I found the most loveliest jumper. It was soft and warm and already six or seven outfits came to mind as what to wear with it this winter. Only when I picked it up I noticed there was something missing from it.  IT WAS CROPPED!
I'm sorry but with winter only less than two months away and already seeing it's brisk chilly mornings; I don't want to have my stomach freeze while the rest of me is nice a toasty as well. I'm not about to go  away to come remote country where it is warm this time of year because that would be a lie. I wish though we all wish it!

Topshop. It is almost winter for us and you are selling us summer clothing that most likely won't even be in fashion by december when summer rolls back in. This is not winter clothing:

The road to coachella pieces that have landed in store aren't warm enough to fight back the cold no matter how lovely the pieces seem to be. We also host most of our festivals in Summer when it is warm.  Your marketing team is preaching to the wrong hemisphere!

FACT: Do you know it is cheaper to purchase online and spend enough to get free shipping than it is to buy those items in store? I've done the conversion rate and so have some of my friends.

Australian Sydney and Melbourne needs a change. We need stock that works for our climate and our seasons. Now listen to me here. I may say all these things but as I mentioned 'I keep coming back' WHY THOUGH?

Topshop IS iconic, maybe I just keep hoping it will improve, maybe i'm hopeful that the item that was sold out of my size online will be stocked in store? Sadly both of those have never happened.
It's an addiction to the brand I have grown up with, loved and even disagreed on. There is a lot more work that needs to be put into the Southern Hemisphere market - we don't want the Northern's rejections, we want our own kind of topshop that still fits in with it's brand. 

I think I can say my rant is over now. Thanks for your time.
peace, love & topshop!



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