Winter is coming 
No not in a Game of Thrones way but in a Southern Hemisphere type that has everyone running to their warmest clothes and cursing the fashion world and countries overseas for underestimating the fact that: Australia does not have warm weather all year round.

Over the weekend a group of my friends and I headed down the coast to celebrate my friends birthday a little early. Mary had found the cutest place to stay out in the middle of nowhere in a town called Berry (South Sydney, NSW, Australia to all my overseas readers) to celebrate the last few days of being 21.

Five of us gathered together at the soon to be birthday girls house, bags at the ready to throw in the boot of her car only to realise we may have all packed too many things for two nights and three days. 

We got everything in the car eventually - including ourselves...

In a house that was covered in vines we picked our rooms and waited for the others to arrive. The nights grow cold now as the boys Chris and Jason take charge in setting the fireplace alight with warmth that doesn't spread too far for a while. The house is extremely open with windows that give off the best views of the countryside. We are already in love with it here and begin talks of coming back again one day soon for a little while longer.

My friend Mary runs a fashion blog Fashion is my boyfriend who i've had the pleasure of shooting for it over the weekend. So if you want to check out more photos than I have posted on her outfits then head on over there, they should be up over the weekend. Now in no particular order I bring you

Berry 2013
(Most of my camera was filled with photo's of Mary so that is why there are so many)



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