It's strange how things can change in the blink of an eye. For one thing this post here is coming at you from London, England...and I have not made a post since well - even I'm not too sure at this stage. Things have been busy, complicated, and amazing since the beginning of this year and oddly enough I don't find myself missing the past because of the people who have either remained with me or the new people that have come into it.

I guess I need to fill some kind of gap that the past months have created leading up to the now being in London and all. Plans have changed so much the past few days and weeks that this is really the first chance I've opened my laptop since arriving in my second home (even then I'm on a countdown till my battery runs out).



March saw new beginnings, it saw me focusing on my wellbeing and not on the past. From here it was about finding a way back to me that the past few years had been shelved (I found out thanks to Rochelle). I opened myself up to find my limits. I turned 23 while surrounded by the best people in my lives and feeling happy to feel affection. My mother and I got our new car after someone decided to destroy my little green Rav 4 I loved so much. This one has a built in GPS and for once I can charge my phone from a USB port in the car.


To start this off despite it happening at the end of the month: I GRADUATED! 
I also went on one hell of a date (in a good way) to the art gallery. I would have gone date or not but the whole day was just something I would not have done in the beginning of the year. I love this feeling of independence and yet slightly amazed with the person who I went on the date with. Also it helps that he has some killer music tastes.


I did this because my mum had cancer, my boss at work did and my aunty here in England did several years ago. It means something to me that I don't think worlds can really express. It's something bone deep in wanting to help find a cure for this horrible thing we call cancer. I never really understood the real effect you can feel for it till you actually watch someone you love go through it. I'm so glad to say I have done it, to have helped no matter how small.

My cousins getting married at the end of this month (actually as I type this now it's almost within the 48 hour countdown till it's on). Which is why I am in England. My plans to travel to some other countries has unfortunately had a big change of plans though not something that I'm totally bumped about considering the reason why. My thoughts and mind are back home and part of me is already half way back there at this stage/

I'm aware that this is very much short and sweet. But it's the lead up to where I am now. The last photo you see is the beginning of coming to a place I honestly call home. I have two thoughts on why I feel like the UK is home to me:
  1. My family is here. It's as simple as that! I love that each time I come back it feels like I had only just left.
  2. I've been back so often now that I no longer feel like it's something special to be coming half way from the other side of the world. I feel like I'm heading home. I know the streets where my family live, I know the town. I know the underground and the shops (yes the shops). I don't think the winter could chase me out of this country. 
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