Being sick is the worst feeling in the world. 
Sure it gives you time to be lazy and sleep in; but from the old me to the new me i've learnt that being lazy isn't me, well not anymore.

I've had my alarms set the same time I would be getting up to either intern or go to work in hope that my body is feeling well enough to get up and move. That failed however because each morning I would wake up feeling like I had been rolled over by a cement mixer!

I was struggling to stay at home on my laptop or watching TV, I was itching to go out yet every time I had to for one reason or another I was knocked back into reality that I need to stay home and rest. Going outside in the cold winter was not going to help me at all!

So I began to design. A few weeks ago I went down the coast to berry with some friends, some of the photo's you can actually see in the below posts #45, which I've used for this post. I guess you could call it the Mary-Kate post since all of the designs are of her. I've need something to keep me from going mad this week and it seems that designing for the first time in over four years has been my sanctuary 

So I thought I would share my designs on here.
Love or hate them?

Four years away from designing and even I can see how much I have lost patience in my computer going super slow loading my actions into the pictures. I'll have to work on improving my designs just imagine how much better I can do when i'm NOT in hell being sick!


model: Mary



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