It may be friday night here in Sydney but it's not the end to my working week. In fact today was day 11 of a series of long days of work for me and it won't be stopping till next weekend sunday making a total of working 19 days in a row of all different kinds of work.
  • Setting up and assisting for a sale
  • Interning
  • My actual paying job
I may not be having much of a social life but I'm actually rather enjoying it all and passing out asleep at strange hours. 

In fact if you are in Sydney why not come down to the sale in Surry Hills. It's right by central station, just off Elizabeth Street. Just check out the photo below for details:

So while I'm working away each and every day here's a little inside into the past 11 days and when it all comes to an end I should hopefully have a brand new post coming up. For now you will have to deal with the selfies off my phone; sorry about that.




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