Can't believe tomorrow is monday!

Before I do a quick summary on what I got up to with my first day off from work I'm going to do a short summary of the week we just went through.

Monday: August Street/Room 22 warehouse sale.
Role: Sales assistant

It was the first day of the warehouse sale for August Street/Pink Stitch and even before 9am when it was set to start the doors were open and customers were ready to get the best of the best that the sale offered. A sale you might not see the prices set at again! NOTHING WAS OVER $20.

$5: swimmers, belts and accessories not to mention the $5 room
$10: Tops and Bottoms
$15: Dress' and Jumpsuits
$20: Jackets and Coats

I made sure the racks were tidy as possible, the change-room was clear of clothes and hangers and packing people's items into bags they wanted to purchase to avoid long lines and those in a rush on their lunch break.

By the end of the day my feet hurt, I was exhausted but the day actually went rather quick. Keeping busy does that.

Tuesday and Wednesday had me interning at 'The Rumour Mill' which I love going to each and every day I have to. If anyone is looking for an internship in Public Relations I highly suggest this place. The people are super nice and you always have things to do and pick up new skills along the way!

Thursday had be counting down to saturday afternoon as I worked at my casual job that pays my bills.
Though I did make a flower which I was pretty proud/impressed with.

Now for those who don't watch/listen or are from overseas you might not be aware of the bushfires that have broken out around Sydney. While I am not personally effected living on the water and not on bush land there are still many homes threatened or destroyed by these sad events.
Here is a photo of the sky from the roof of my work Thursday:
Which seems so different from the sunset photo I took from my room

Then back at the sale for Friday.

Feeling extremely run down that day from all the days of working, the mocha was a welcome relief to me.

So in love with my skort by the way. I walked into the sale wearing pants but it became so hot I changed into this skirt. It's longer at the back which is great because I am not one of those girls that love to show my rear. I even had to run the sale for over 3 HOURS after our boss said he would be gone for 45 mins and didn't come back. So taking charge when there are only two workers made for slow work on getting the change rooms clean. Though despite that I really enjoyed the sale and managed to get a few new outfits for it as well.

Thanks to all my friends as well for making it to the sale. Each walking away with new items :D I counted at least 7 friends off the top of my head that made it in, each bringing friends with so thank you guys much appreciated. 

Saturday! Last day of working where I wanted to do anything but that. Despite not making my target of 3.5 sales per hour I was able to make 1/2 that so it didn't bother me too much.


The main post of which I had planned on being the main feature for this is;
Shalimae's baby shower!

None of my friends knew what to expect from a baby shower on account we had never been to one. Still I think it went extremely well for how hot it was. We played baby games and guessed how big her belly was but we were all waiting to see her open the presents we got and hope that she enjoys them. I also managed to pick up an item at the sale I was at for her which was good that she liked it :)

Next week won't be so busy for me, thankfully on account my body was screaming for some sleep last night I had to cancel plans for dinner with one of my good friends. Hopefully I can see her soon though :)




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