It was a little bit past seven pm last night the 24th of July that my best friend Jess and I handed over our ID's to get checked and out tickets to go and see a band play that we both liked at the Metro Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

With an opening act all the way from Dublin Ireland; a band we had no idea of what to expect from 'Little Green Cars' we listened, enjoyed and waited for Daughter to play. 

Though I doubt having to wait three hours after doors open for the main act to start was not the wait we had intended; nor the rest of the crowd but we all waited and got a performance that made us forget there was a long wait to begin with.

Daughter is an English indie band which formed in London back in 2010. Though it has only been from the end of 2012 that I began to listen to them and for Jess maybe three months. I needed someone to come with me and being my fellow lover of indie kind of music I couldn't think of anyone else to go with more. 

Thanks to instagrams' addition of video this year I was able to take some amazing clips of their concert though most of it was spent enjoying their music that I wish didn't have to end.

So here is a short caption of my night:

For being their first time in Australia made this performance all the more enjoyable because I can see only better things happening for them. They even did a cover of 'Get Lucky' as their encore! 

I hope that Daughter comes back to Sydney after they go on to tour America and other places because I would love for them to come back; just as much as I would love to listen to more music that they are going to make :)

Go check them out on youtube or even itunes guys if you are a fan of Indie music :)



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