Waking up is always hard when the bed feels like materials from the softest things in the world. The brightness of the bathroom lights when you have to have a shower so early in the morning are almost like being blinded for several seconds as you gage your surroundings.

Lately having to get up early has been a real shock to my sleeping pattern and my greater desire to sleep in which is always.

Two weeks ago today I landed in Townsville for a chance to spend my two year anniversary with my boyfriend M. I was up at 5:45am fighting to stay awake as my body struggled to accept being up this early. Being dropped off to the airport by my father early on his way to work I had a large book to read with no hope of finishing it before I got there or even getting back! The plan was just to read all through the two flights I had, but the sleep my body still searched for when I woke took over and before I knew it we had landed in a new state and town.

Here are just some of the many photos' I took while seeing my boyfriend:

I can't tell you how many flights I've been on. Lost count. Though never has it been a quick off the plane grab your bags and you are good to go about your business. Not to mention waiting around for your bag out of the many hundreds to finally make it's appearance.

Since being home I've seemed to have emptied my account of all money due to nights out with my girls, catching up with friends, spending money I don't have on books I should be getting when my look list gets smaller. To top it all off waiting as long as I can before my hair drives me nuts and I need to wash it.

As you can see I've become a little obsessed with overlays on instagram :) 
too much fun to stay away if you ask me!

sidenote: I also just want to wish my best friend Jess a very happy birthday today! She will always be the 16 year old girl I first met all those years ago. Love her like family :)

Till next time



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