January is in the final hours and I'm already finding it strange that the year is moving so quickly almost too soon. At the beginning of the year I was celebrating with my boyfriend as the new year came and went.

Feeling the burn well into the days of the new year

First book of the 2014 Book Challenge

This toy made our Star Wars Marathon the icing on the cake

Before I had to come back to reality, work and trying to lead a more active lifestyle (exercise).

The second book of the month is the second story of this joint one; Son of a Witch

Actually had a day during summer where jeans were actually needed. Shouldn't have to be in these for a while!

So glad Shion came down to Sydney! Even if her visit was short the next time we see each other it will be longer *thumbs up*

In a few hours we will enter the last day that January has to offer for 2014. With only one more thing on my list for the 31st means I'm going to have to figure out more things to do for the following months. I can promise though...I'll try to do more posts before I head overseas :)

The only thing that is carrying over to the new month right now is:




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