It seems really strange to say that in two weeks the year will be over. 
Good bye 2013 an hello 2014. 

The year seems to quick, too short and most importantly too fast. (Yes I do know I have pretty much said the same thing three different ways)

It feels like the each year is getting shorter, that the sun sets before it really rises. 
Which brings to reason why I have found myself living more so day to day than I have any other year before. When you have things on pretty much every day, each something slightly different; it's hard to think about a week for now knowing it's not going to be the same. That there is no pattern. 

I want to share with you a summary of what's happened since my last real post. Since that post I've knocked over seven assessments and I still have one to go which is due int he new year. (Yeah one over christmas and new years kinda sucks)

So here it is; November and December 2013

Electric Run: 
It rained and poured and we got drenched from head to toe!

The Rumour Mill: 
My internship which has taught me so much about PR this year that I've decided it's what I want to do in life from now on till who knows when.

Actually won two games!

The Fashion Institute:
My last class ever at the college!

Sterosonic (Two days):
With my best friend Frankie

Taylor Swift:
With my mate Josh - we almost lost our voices that night

Candy hearts:
It was really a good several years since I had nerds before this photo was taken

The Fashion Institute:

Matthew Riley:
Was just doing some shopping when I found out he was doing a book signing in Big W. My best friends favourite author and only one he reads. I also got a book signed for myself and my boyfriend and a photo with him (would rather not post a photo in my work uniform however).

Taking myself back to when art was easy. Made a few of these :P Also had a lot of fun as well doing it.

seven days to christmas
thirteen days till townsville
thirteen days left of 2013.

If I don't get another post done before the end of the year. 
Thanks for visiting
Thanks for listening
and thank you for reading this post




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