When it's raining most people just want to stay inside; to be nice and warm right?

I can't say the same thing for me though. Don't get me wrong I like to stay inside wrapped up in my blankets like the next person. Either it be with a book or a movie doesn't matter to me. But it's still summer here so why should I be doing that just now! I have winter to look forward to for that.

Though I will say if the rain had not held off for as long as it did, I'm sure I would have been posting photo's that resemble a cat that has just been washed than what you are about to see.

The ever lovely Mary from Fashion Is My Boyfriend was kind enough to send me the photos from her camera. So all credit to this lovely lady for her skills.

River Island | Shirt
I Like Wolves | Shorts
Windsor Smith | Shoes

If you want to see Mary's post head over to her blog. They should be up hopefully soon :)



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