There is something about travelling overseas which awakens new things for you.
For most of you, you won't know that I can be a picky eater. That's not to say I'm not getting better though, but it seems like each time I go overseas I come back loving something new I didn't before I left. I guess that's my example of something which awakens something new. 

But that's not the point I'm trying to make actually 
*this is where emoticons could come in handy on here* 

I don't think there will ever be a time where England won't feel like home, or yet the United Kingdom. It helps when you have a British passport which means one day I may not come back to Australia (though I would miss the sun too much). You never know. I also just happen to find myself surrounded by my amazing family members each time - it really does make it harder to leave.

Heathrow airport seems to have some kind of unspoken rule for international flights outside of Europe and by that I mean you can pretty much assume you will be landing in one of two times, morning or night. 

We arrived at night, so the next day before we headed out of London, we went straight to oxford street. I have to say though that there is something good about seeing a big sign saying 'hello beautiful' what a fantastic welcome back for the seventh time and the beginning of saying goodbye to my money.

The above photo is a glimpse at my travel diary. It holds 365 pages which to even today I have been filling it up with sketches and travel days. Of shootings stars and beautiful full moons. But enough on  it for now, there will be a post towards the end of the year on it (if I can get my act together and blog regularly). This book is also the beginning of my new found love for washi tape.

I spent many a days recording my travels and small adventures. Of family love that knows no bounds. Of a new family member who feels like she was always apart of but never legally till this year. I have many travel diaries from my overseas adventures - I can recall the first one I ever started and till this day have never stopped. Oh what fantastic memories I will have to look back on.

This photo is from the only book I took with me on my six weeks away. 
Under The Dome - Stephen King

I honestly believed that I was going to be able to get through this yet the close to 1000 pages of this book didn't seem to capture my attention in the way other books have the power of doing.

I can be a fast reader but the way this story was told had me rather positioned in front of the TV than out in the garden trying to read this book. Not that I did have much time to read though. I'll just point out that I have now finished this book as I make this post which is one positive to it all.

Before the wedding of my cousin we headed down to see the Cliffs of Dover. Something which I had the chance to see two years previous on my crossing to France. We stopped at this discount centre for some lunch where this little cow caught my eye:

Every time I look at this the voice and words of one Bart Simpson comes into mine
"Don't have a cow man!" 



I really can't understand why there are pebble beaches in Europe. That's so cruel to everyone and I don't even want to have to say how many times I was thinking OUNCH to myself as I walked down to the water here...even with shoes on, the sneaky devils managed to cause pain!

On a plus though...it was lovely warm weather!

Now if you are ever planning on going to see the white cliffs of Dover, I highly recommend checking out St Margaret's Bay for the best views. You pretty much stand at the base of the cliffs rather than on top of them.

I chose a bad day to be wearing a white top. I just as much blend into the surrounding landscapes.




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