There aren't many chances that I get to surround myself with family on account they tend to be scattered all around the world. So when my cousin got married this year it was great to be in England to celebrate such a happy moment among those I love. 

To Steven and Keely.
- This would be the part we all pick up an alcoholic drink and toast to Mr. & Mrs. Kerin -

- That would be way back on the 30th of May -
Toasts have been done and much alcohol was consumed in celebration.

Just a bunch of Kerin cousins and a Holland (Hi Sophie)

I'm just going to post a small number from that day/night. 

The only first cousins I have that are girls: Emily and now Keely.

I call them mum and dad.

Matt you are one talented guy! See you in April 2015!

If you live around the bedfordshire area England I suggest you give Matt a call. You can see some of his other works on his Facebook page: [HERE]

This is what he made my dad for his 60th WHILE making my cousins wedding cake!

- Be quick though he's coming to Australia next year and I might not give him up -


I'm still struggling with the fact this was almost 3 months ago! Give and take a few days.



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