Though we weren't going to be making our way to Scotland in one day (that is possible; but not to where we were heading off from and where we were setting our goal to be). So we headed off to Warwick to see the castle there. 

We were staying in this old tutor house, a place called "The Tutor House Inn" where the host made me laugh when we asked her if Prince Charles should be king - her answer was no, followed by her saying he has been waiting all his life to be king and will be a greedy ass and never give it up till he dies. 

For those that don't know this I'm about 5'8ft. Which means I'm not exactly on the short side but back during the times of Elizabethan era and before that these doors were made for those who were considered tall. If I was the same height as today way back then; I'd be having back problems. I could not believe how short these doors were.

Warwick Castle from the beginning I knew we were going to get along. From the moment we lined up for the tickets we were told Prince Charles was going to be making an appearance and that part of the castle was going to close from a certain point during the day.
Of course I asked if it was the real Prince Charles or like an impostor to which the lady behind the ticket counter looked as if I had just said the F word to her face.
I won't go into details about his visit on account it really was kind of boring. I got a wave, he wasn't on time and yeah he was in and out and was off to somewhere in Scotland that afternoon. 

I could live there, just let me unpack first ok!

To end this post I have uploaded a youtube video of my favourite part of the castle visit:

(since that is some error blogger needs to work on)


Onto Scotland next!



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