I find procrastination one of my biggest flaws. I don't know why I do it, or how I manage to pass time so quickly doing something that isn't what i've set myself out to do today but its happens way too much for my own liking. However, nothing brings back the rush of feelings, emotions, memories than my photos do. You would be aware now that it's october, my second favourite month of them all (HELLO HALLOWEEN) following the month I was born. 
I started this blog as somewhat a keepsake of memories I've made from the moment this blog started to right this second and the many more posts that are going to follow this one. I told myself that I would have all my Europe posts done by the end of October but having worked for the past two and a half months seven days a week I feel like I can at least extend it till the end of november. Which in fact would leave me with just enough posts before I travel to the USA to catch up with one of my favourite people on this planet, his girlfriend and her sister - oh and Georgia, Harley, Mel, Ben and my fan bam in the states too! Hello three weeks of adventure 2014/2015.

So I present to you my next post:

Chris the first picture is just for you!

In the most random of lunch stops and walks along a pathway we didn't know where it would lead you will come across someone's garden at the front of their house. Inside the garden was three turtles but chilling and eating lunch. This same house produces some of the nicest shortbread I have eaten in my life and what makes the whole thing cute to a tee is that they have an honour code set up. You could go without paying, you could even take the money from the tin they have but for 1.50 pounds you could be a decent human being and give them the money they deserve for a slice of heaven.

Scenery is something Scotland does not lack! So as the second last post of my time in Scotland I'm going to present you with some - phone, camera, DSLR photos.

Which I turned into a nice Instagram post:

Welcome to Portree - where there were signs in Gaelic as well as English 

Now I think the following photo will need to be told with a story as short as I can make it:

We were making our way towards Edinburgh from Portree, having secured quite possibly the LAST rooms of any B&B in the town we as well as two big bikie guys...who we both had to share a bathroom with. The house was old, by old I mean I had to MOVE a wooden wardrobe to get to a power point so I could charge my phone! However in the morning we all had a good laugh over the fact that the bathroom (see photo above) was not tall enough for pretty much any human being that isn't a hobbit in todays world. 

This was about as bad as the weather got for us in Scotland. I mean it may have rained for a total of 10 minutes in the whole time we were there - though it threatened to on many accounts to pour down and soak me to the bone. I really can't wait to go back there and my next post will be the huge reason why I could easily live in Scotland and it's a place I like to call





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