Over the pond through a phone...

Some Iphone and instagram photo's of Europe!


Pretty much all set for my trip now with all the currency I need

We sure don't have something like this back home in Oz, especially by the weight watches company.

During my months overseas I came a little obsessed you could say with these cookies. I can't begin to tell you how many I devoured in 10 weeks.

This soon became by favourite morning hang out for coffee before I headed in those days to oxford st. to do some shopping. Even now I can remember the way to the station.

Topshop! The happiest place on earth for me. 

Beyond stoked that I was getting extra money and for the simple reason of topping up only. Vodaphone is so much better in England than here in Oz.

When my friend Alana arrived she was so jet lagged she didn't even last an hour before falling asleep.

Chocolate love!!! I think I just died and went to heaven

Now this is London

I had to do this before I left France. I shall go back there and see if it's still there one day

I came away winning over 100 euro's so overall a totally great experience

Good food and good company in Florence. I can't wait to go back there for more food.

When I got sick in Germany, I had to go and see a doctor. This is all the medication that was prescribed to me, where I later found out I would have only needed one of them. At least it wasn't too expensive.

 Alana loves bears, so when in Germany she couldn't pass up a photo with one.

This guy taught us how to make clogs, still didn't purchase anything from the store

 Amsterdam baby, and a selfie because I damn well felt like taking one :P

Carla bought everyone a shot! I don't know where she got all the money from but thank you on behalf of everyone on our contiki group.

 Only in Amsterdam ay ;)

Part two coming next :)



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