(Blogger's note: You might be aware there hasn't been a post in over a month. I'm sorry for that. It seemed like I had opened up my blog to write a post at least 5-6 times in January not feeling the enthusiasm which all my posts deserve. Personal things in my life have to do with that as well as starting my Fashion Business course. The travel diary which sits right next to me right now still needs its stories told and in my own strange way I feels like every time I read it i'm being taken back like I'm reading a book that is not my own. Now to get back to the post.)


The day was spend saying goodbye to the beautiful mountains of Switzerland and to the long coach ride as we all headed back to Germany, the Rhine Valley to be more accurate. There wasn't much that happened during our return to Germany, the place we were staying at was above a beer stein store and across the road from a co-co clock store. Spending most of my time trying to purchase stein's than seeing clocks make sounds that annoy me enough as it is before I could hear them.

I made three purchases at the stein store;
1. An Australia stein for my dad, kind of ironic in the fact he's British Born and raised and now lives in Australia
2. A Rugby stein for my boyfriend M's dad knowing how much he loves and values the game.
3. A little skull mug for myself because it looked really cool. Alana got the only other one the store had. 

I got them sent home on account I don't know how I would have been able to package them so they arrive safely home to Australia. (Thankfully they arrived in perfect condition)

We spent the night in the bar drinking. I can't even recall how many drinks I had, I honestly can not remember but it was a night of reliving moments of the trip that we hadn't shared with those who were now our friends.

It was at this point where I was getting sad that this contiki trip was coming to an end in three days time, in a way I knew my trip was no over but for all the friends I've made and seeing them all, it was shortly going to be. 

The next day...

On the way to Amsterdam we passed by this car. We know who he loves or what he loves...

coming in the next post Holland/Amsterdam and the end of Contiki



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