My vision for The Simple Moment was in the beginning and has been for the past year and a bit to make this blog a walking visual memory of moments i've managed to capture, experienced and wanted to relive. 

My highs:
  • The love of my life M
  • Traveling for 10 weeks around Europe
  • Taking photos with friends
  • Studying at 'The Fashion Institute'
  • Interning in PR and magazines and loving both of them

The lows:
  • Watching my mum face the deadly disease called cancer.
  • Being in a long distance relationship 25 hours by car away.

March 2012: When I started this blog despite not being so young at the age of 21, I had started to question what I wanted from life. Jobs, dreams and the future. Yeah I know they try and get you to work that out when you apply for  uni, college or tafe when you finish school... so sue me i'm a little late to the party! 

For two years at that stage i'd had a diploma in Graphic Design and Communications. 
I had left school not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, however from the age of 12/13 I had developed a hobby for design and everything photoshop. Hours had been accumulated on forums making banners of movies and famous celebrities. I even ventured into making my own myspace layouts back when it was cool and facebook was a thought in mark zuckerberg's mind. 

Yet graphic design didn't seem to be everything I thought it would be. The longer I studied it the more I started to resent the ways I was being taught. Dreamweaver and flash I will never understand you! Give me free hand coding anytime without having to use those programs and we can all live happily. It was around this time of my studies that I began to move away from the gossip magazines and start reading a whole new range. 
  • Shop til you drop
  • Yen
  • Frankie
  • Vogue

Dolly was the last kind of magazine I had tried to read back when I was in my early teenage years but it never stuck. 
It was as if a whole new world had opened for me and I began thinking about what it would be like to design these magazines. Now looking back; I think Frankie at the time was a little two old for me but three years later I still have the posters from those issues on my wall, so there has to be a positive to everything there. 

I had always been a strong advocate of not following trends because they were popular and the seasons must have. If it did not suit my style I was not going to change me to make sure I fitted into it. Having seen far too many fashion failures over the years from those thinking they can get away with a trend because they love it - it just doesn't compliment their figure - does nothing for me. Then there are always those who just look great in everything they wear!

As the years passed and we came to 2012 since I first thought about designing these magazines (three or five years now I can't recall the exact amount of time) my love for fashion had grown to the point I was looking up school's so I could go back to studying. I didn't want to design clothes; and no one would want me to try and draw either. Give me three hours and I could draw you something good but given only a couple you may as well expect stick figures. I wanted to learn the business side of it all, with the option of possibly being able to jump across fashion and design areas because of my past studies if the chance in the future came along and I was still interested in it. 

I took some time to think about studying when I travelled around Europe from June in 2012. Not that I needed much. I was going to become a 2013 student at 'The Fashion Institute'
and I am now two terms down.

I have found a love that studying Graphic Design didn't give me, a passion for fashion you could say. This blog holds all the memories of my European adventure and can be found in the away tag meaning out of Australia posts. Yet I keep wanting more from 'The Simple Moment'

I want it to expand, grow and become part of me.
 Interning at: The Rumour Mill (PR company) & Shop til you drop (Magazine) has inspired me the past weeks to start a new tag: inspiration (coming soon).

I'm never far from images of beach themes, models, summer, inspiring quotes and travel photo's from around the world. Something I have already made part of my blog with my pictures. I want this blog to scream me in a way the world hasn't had the chance to see yet. I don't think it is ready just yet for my bookish ways and knowledge of tv shows and movies (fun fact: I own over 550 DVD's) but that's coming later as well. 

So what does this post mean exactly?

It means a change is coming
as to when?

you are just going to have to keep checking back



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