It was the break I needed but didn't want.
Being sick has its benefits of sleeping in, staying in your pj's all day and not having to wear makeup for anything. 
I could have added not washing my hair but even I have my limits when sick. 

So I gave notice to my internships, to my work and as much as a few days off from doing anything would be relaxing...two weeks off it is enough to drive me nuts.

Which is why I had to leave the house and get out. Didn't expect to spend as much money as I did though, since I should be saving!
Oh well it made me happy and isn't that meant to mean something in medical terms about making you get better sooner. I really don't know. At least it was money well spent!

Here's the first day out of my house in two weeks...

No make up to let my face breathe from the breakout that the sickness caused! 
Jacket: Mink Pink
Top: Vero Moda
Jeans: Zara
Hat: Seed

Left to right.
One jacket. One top.
Short story apothecary Melon&Fig 100% soy candle.
Confessions of a sociopath by M.E. Thomas.
Winter pyjamas top&bottom.




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