Spring has been kind.
By that I mean the warm weather, the sun being out, getting some exercise in and just enjoying the time I have with my friends and my boyfriend (who's only back for this week).

There's nothing about warm weather when it comes to me. I love it, adore it, live and breathe it.
That feeling of the sun against your skin, warming you up enough to take the plunge into the cold waiting ocean in the mornings before the sun reaches its peak. Watching, waiting as the water evaporates on your skin, the drops from your hair sending waves of water cascading down your body reminding you of the feeling of your warm body meeting the crisp cold water on a spring morning. 

Exercise in the form of squats, sit ups, crunches and all the other kinds you can do is new to me. Not because I just never exercised before but on account i've normally fallen onto sports as being my exercise for the week. Tennis and Soccer have been pretty much life sports for me until recently. So now I need a new outlet.

Spring is a great time to start. September actually.

Which is why i've taken part in two challenges:
  • 30 day squat challenge
  • 30 day ab challenge

and boy is it kicking my ass!


Day 23
190 squats
100 sit ups
150 crunches
58 leg raises
90s plank

So while I continue to keep myself motivated here's some designs of my spring so far :)
and i'm still looking for the perfect summer overalls.



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