I don't want to bore you will the long story but before it was even 8am this morning I was sure thinking today was just going to be miserable...but I was wrong!

Why I thought I was in for a horrible day:
1: Was attacked by my greatest fear in my own bedroom which is why tonight I am not sleeping in it...there is a change it might still be in there despite all the bug spray I used.
2: Being so afraid of the spider I walked out of the house without deodorant on...need I say more!
3: Didn't get breakfast
4: Was made to do the worst reverse park because the car behind me decided to be right up my ass so (and I'm guessing) he could take the park. I had to mount the curb because he had me parked so close to the car in front of me

Why it wasn't:
1: Got a mocha and my breakfast
2: Melbourne Cup Day
3: Interning

Actually number 2&3 were most likely the best parts to the day. I really enjoyed getting champaign and food and just taking a break from all the intern work and having some fun with the people I intern for. Who by the way are some of the best people I know and made me laugh so much more so after the clean up.

So in summary I bring you my day :)

Loving my mink pink jeans way too much. Perfect for the cold weather :)

Thanks to Alex for keeping me company amongst many unfamiliar faces today. Interns for the win!

Huge thanks to Alice as well for letting me borrow her Melbourne Cup hat (which won best hat btw) to take these photos :) You Champ :)

Can't wait for The Rumour Mill's first birthday now :)



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