Thailand was called into martial law the day we arrived into Bangkok. Which basically meant that the government was overthrown by the army and military. The hotel we were staying at has free wi-fi so I was able to see the messages saying 'stay safe' asking if there was any trouble where I was. The truth was there was none. Not really. All the trouble was down south of the country where people were getting shot and protests were happening daily. Most people think that Martial Law is a bad thing but from speaking to the people everyone was happy. The government was currupt they would say but unfortunately their tourism has suffered because of it. I hope now things are starting to get back to normal for them because Thailand has some really amazing places and sights to see.

The sun was showing the first stages of setting when we arrived and by the time we got to the hotel it was a quick change and try out the hotel pool. The pool was on the 13th floor, not a rooftop one but still with one hell of a great view!

That was only the first day. I went home stuffed with food, thai food of yummy goodness. Slept easily  and waited for a day of shopping and planning tours to do with the family.




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