I can't quite recall a time where I'm actually awake before my alarm; when the sun has not even began its accent on the new day. It's 5:45am and I had made plans to be in the pool on the 13th floor for 6am - sunrise.

The pool isn't heated but you can get an idea on what the temperature in Bangkok is like normally on account it wasn't cold when you break the surface. At least I was the first person in the pool for the day. I can see the sky grow lighter and much to my dismay learn that the sun is rising on the side of the hotel where the pool is not currently at. Still there is a sense like no other being so high up and watching as the traffic starts to build up on the streets below. People and cars looking more like ants I could squish at any given moment.

Nothing really opens up till about 10am in Bangkok so unless you want to get harassed by Tuk Tuk drivers saying they will take you to some shops (most likely their mates or family members) it's best to stay indoors. For us that meant an all you can eat breakfast...and boy was there something for everyone there. I had about six servings and made myself so full that by lunch I could only handle a snack. To kill some more time my parents and I had agreed to spend some time doing a little bit of touring. So we booked ourselves in for a dinner cruise on a traditional thai boat and to ride an Elephant and go on a bamboo boat ride.

By then it was safe to be out on the streets as we were hardly hassled at all...
Though I may have hassled something...

There is one thing I have to give props to Bangkok about though. They really do deck out their malls. Take a look at some of the displays they have going on in and outside their shopping centres. 

We had a look at some temples, did some shopping and by shopping I mean like seven floors of fake merchandise. They were selling iPhones and headphones...you really wouldn't have wanted to purchase anything there because you wouldn't know if it would end up working when you left to try and use it. The clothing and bags on the other hand...well clothes are clothes.

I bet I can safely say that not many people have been out to dinner on a boat like this:

We even had music being played for us and dancers between the courses. I will also note that as we made our way up he river we were told about the rather special locations and what they mean to the people of Thailand. In some cases how long they have been standing.

The slanted photo above was one of the crew members signatures when taking photos for everyone. Of course it was also the only photo he took which actually came out the best.

If anyone has any plans to go to Bangkok I would totally recommend this as something to do for dinner. It's like three things in one! Dinner, show and sightseeing. Also a sunset!




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