Moon Wishes

The ritual had began. 
The chasing down of the sun. 

A car filled with the sounds of the music we listened to as young teenagers, two adults now headed towards the mountains creeping up ahead. It was the time for the night owls to come out. Nikon's in hand and the hope to capture the stars.

There was not enough hope in two souls to depart the threatening, ominous clouds that began to release it's torture of the rain. So over the mountains we went to better plains and refuge from the attack the clouds released.

Oh what a reception Bathurst greeted us with silver shooting stars in our vision sparking in lens's. Of setting pink sky that said goodbye to Boxing Day we set up and began clicking away.

Of country vibes and the smell of crisp cut grass at times you forget that you are standing in the middle of the road jumping around like an idiot writing names in the sky. 

For this will be the end of the night, the end of many things for us. We packed up and said our good byes to no one in particular for the rest of the year. Not knowing the moon was listening to our wishes we held so dear. 

Hope everyone had a great christmas. 
Have a fantastic New Years.
See you in 2015.



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