It was almost the end of June. 
I knew not counting England that this was going to be my last trip before I headed back to Australia...
Yet here we are in December and I'm just posting this now.
It's been a long time coming.

Paris .

I want to tell you a story:

The french woman you can see in this photo with her child on her back is also the mother to the kid in the blue jacket sitting opposite. The other woman didn't know this mother, or from what I could gather have ever met before. They got on at totally different stops along the route and got off miles apart hardly acknowledging the other. This is the kind of person I never expected to see in Paris because of the reputation they have among a lot of people around the world as being rather rude. Without a care in the world she picked up the screaming kid in the blue jacket and placed him on her lap. Didn't expect anything in return or even seemed fussed by her act of kindness to a woman who clearly had her hands full.

This isn't the best photo but it goes to show you just how people in this world help one another. Whether or not she was aware of her kind action, I noticed. Sometimes getting lost using public bus's in Paris gives back to you in a way that's not a headache.


I finally got to see the moulin rouge!!! It was FANTASTIC! Mum and I managed to get some pretty cool seats and the food and champaign were to die for amazing!

Ate a snack in some random place in paris... :P

before heading off for another long walk to the louvre

but as you can see I was well entertained :D


I think I had luck on my side! Anyone who knows me knows than Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists of all time. SO after the Louvre closed for the day we headed off to find some dinner when we noticed that the Musse d'Orsay was still open still and was going to be for another two hours...
Normally I would have just thought I've had enough but right during the time we were in Paris they had an exhibit on Van Gogh and I knew that this was FATE. I was in love and was going IN.

I only spent three days in the heart of Paris. There was hours and hours of walking each day done. So many sites to see and learning that in Paris they have no idea what a mocha is. Needless to say I would go again after all there are still so many things to see!

Have you worked it out yet?




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