A common name in fact in the last few years in fact I know so many its like I can't go out with one group and not have one there. Though it's this one which will say 'he's the original' he's also pretty much my best mate and 'evil twin'. He's always there for me, makes me laugh and has a love for horror movies to match my own if not even more so (no I'm not being told to make a post about him....but he did ask where his was). Since school ended we've only come closer, and I don't know what I would do without his friendship and evil, dark, twisted, cynical view on life which has gotten me through times in the past I no longer want to look back on. Matt's been through a lot the past two years but I'll always have his back no matter what there is honestly nothing he can say that will change my opinion of him.
Love you Matt



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