Wow has it really been that long since I've gotten around to my next post. I've been caught up in life and on the days of having to do nothing, I've just been lazy. So to get right to it, I'm going to get back to my Contiki post of...


We drove all day, I laughed and I cried learning that a fellow classmate of mine had passed away the day we left Paris and entered Italy. We weren't in it for long though as we headed to Monaco as soon as we arrive at our place for the night. I think we had 40 minutes to get showed and dressed up. 

Famous for some race car event and the casino and yeah I guess having a King and Queen and some Prince that got married to a bride who cried on her wedding day.

The weather was perfect as everyone dressed up, broke open bottles of champaign with a view of the whole county before seperating to have dinner before we headed down to the casino.

The last photo is mainly for Alana who's idea of me being a model was started from her taking this photo. Thanks lana *rolls eyes* thought you would like to see the photo you took :P

Monaco bought fortune to Alana and I, winning over 100 euro's for each of us. Though I would have been a little richer had I placed a bet on number 6 and not been too lazy to reach over and wait for the next game. Yes it did land on number 6!

The video above is of my dear friend Alana, going up against Carla in a push up contest. Hope you enjoy watching it as I did when it happened :)



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