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Doing the tourist thing...

In the old parisian times, cars like these roamed the street. Men and Women dressed far more conservative than that of today's times. While roaming the streets in Paris looking for the lovers bridge we happened to walk across a movie set. To be more clear, we saw men and women dressed like they were from the 19th century, on both sides of one of Paris's bridges. It felt like I was already watching the movie, rather than seeing the scene come together.

Oh love of mine how you have captured my heart wholly and completely.
I wanted to seek out this spot on the day we arrived in Paris, but by then it was too late at night and the stars had covered the city with little lights from above. The one thing I was more excited for than anything else - placing my love and I forever in Paris. 
It was Frankie's (my best friend from home) idea to get it engraved.
Matt & Roisin
Celebrating one year together and yet apart; half way across the world.

Who wants to waste time in the morning waiting for a breakfast you don't even know you are going to like. Being told the French version of 'breakfast' is coffee and cigarets than what we at Australia are used to in hotels and anything less. Seeing the landmarks, fitting everything into one day seems impossible by the list of places on our map said to visit. We got lost, ended up way out of Paris but we had our adventure. My madeline in me was alive again. Adventurous and young, carefree and alive. Isn't that what we all want to me after all. Living and loving life and seeing new and exciting places. Leave no stone untouched they say. I just wish I had more time to explore Paris maybe even more of France...

From the outside, it looks like it would be fit for a king or queen. For me and about 100 others it was home for a few days. We had perfect summer weather in the south of France nothing could be better. We were living the life. I bet you wouldn't guess though from looking at the outside the amount of rooms it held - or how small they were. I miss this place because it was home to some of the best memories:
+ Sleeping through dinner due to my hangover from the big night before in Paris for one
+ The mountain of cups we consumed playing Kings (most of the day and night), Fuck the dealer (John got it good) 
+the drinking line where our contiki group won with the fastest time and best people
+ The picnic with the girls and the long, rocky and awesome walk to the mountain top

To name a few. Take me back there soon, I hope we cross paths at least once more in my life

Paris you were my dream place to visit. Now that it's over, I only wish to see more of you someday, hopefully not to far away.



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