Welcome to Pisa where the only real thing in it is the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 

Before we had even disembarked off our contiki bus we could see all the vagabonds trying to sell us 'fake' handbags, sunglasses, accessories and toys. Evanna, our tour guide had told us that it was illegal as is not an official store, that we might notice the sheet they have it rested their items on so they can pick them up and run off in a hurry if the police come by. 

The walk wasn't long but the weather was hot, making me think how I could have been cold back home in Australia with perfect weather like this. The task was set, to take the most creative photo with the tower, of course everyone including myself holding it up or pushing it down. Not many people got all the creative. 

Unfortunately for Carla she rolled her ankle, pretty badly actually and while I have no photo's of Carla getting carried by the boys on our tour I can tell you that everyone helped her out to see that she didn't have to be in more pain than already was.

The above photo was of a priest that came over when Carla hurt herself. You can see the top of her head. I didn't think it was a good idea to photograph Carla when she was in pain. 

As you can see there wasn't much to Pisa but just you wait there is a lot to Italy! So many photo's to come as well :) xoxo



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