It's moments like this I'm glad I did a travel journal. Just looking through it reminds me of the most amazing times I've had this year in Europe. Thinking back sometimes to events that happened a day ago, a week or now months like my contiki trip can sometimes feel like it was all a dream. Which is why my travel journal is my lifeline in knowing that it all happened. The photo's are great but it's the words I had put pen to paper that really help me re-live the moment as if it happened just like yesterday.

Which brings me to my post today;

Karaoke in ITALY!

Here is the perfect example of what we call BUFFALO! The below pictures of my friend Carla will demonstrate:

There you have it folks! You have to drink the whole drink if you are caught drinking from your right hand (lucky for me i'm left handed and hardly ever had to skull my whole drink)

Coming back home was the strangest and funniest trip I've had in a cab before. Why you might ask, well the cab driver told us if we had sex with him we'd get a free fare. We all denied his offer but still it was entertaining to hear his stories of those who had. 

To think that was only one night. The fun was still beginning.



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