Quite possibly my most favourite place to visit. Food to die for, statues galore and a history that is so rich in culture I feel like I need to go back there to experience it all in its entirety.

Maybe the reason I loved it so much was the monkey we followed around;

Now I don't know about everyone but for those of you who have not seen Hannibal Lecter movies the below picture was used in Ridley Scott's 2001 movie Hannibal staring Anthony Hopkins as the lead Hannibal Lecter. To sum it up he hangs a guy from the balcony like his ancestor was years and years before.

You will have to excuse me on this because I can no longer remember what I was told the translation was in all entirety. It has to do with the pig (photo above) either Hans Christian Anderson was inspired to write about the three little pigs during his casual visits to Florence back in the day or it was put there in remembrance of him. I'm pretty sure it was the first one - Inspired. 

Florence was the first big place aside from England in Europe that I went a little crazy with money. We got a tour of a leather factory where I purchased a Puzzle Ring (which to this day I don't know how to put it back together if it falls apart). I explored the local markets finding my boyfriend the wallet he was after and some lovely bags. I also had the best lasagne I think i've ever had in my life!!! The reason alone that I want to go back there one day. 

The thing was though. With the vatican trip coming up the next day; Alana and my new New Zealand friends Jess, Lauren and Mez were searching for 'Vatican appropriate' attire. Of course I left the maxi skirt back in London because I had too much stuff! I'm pretty sure we all ended up with Zara clothing aside from Mez who already had something to wear. 

Unfortunately however though I was getting sick. My voice was holding in there JUST! Medication I thought was helping but the worst was yet to come. I avoided Space night club in the hope I would recover but alas the worst of my sickness was yet to come.



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