The Vatican and the landmarks

We left Florence to head towards Rome, or to be more correct The Vatican. It was this part of the contiki trip where we began to design our group shirt. Something which all 50 of us would be able to relate to from our travels so far and of the remaining time we had left. Buffalo was out main theme and kings due to the huge amount we played it before this point. 

We were getting a guided tour of the Vatican, though I can't say I enjoyed it at all. The guy was a total PRICK! He was telling other people to move out of the way that his group was better than the 1 million other people touring the Vatican the same day. He wouldn't even let us go to go to the toilets till we passed the ticket collection area, some of us were busting as well (me).

Dress code for the vatican

+ Shirt with sleeves
+ Dress, Skirt or pants passed your knees
+ Closed in shoes

+ Shirt with sleeves, preferably collard shirt
+ Pants passed the knees
+ Closed in shoes

Those clothing choices didn't help with the weather being so hot as it was. I for one couldn't wait to get back on the bus and change back into some shorts. 

We still had a walking tour to get though after the Vatican. 

We started at the Colosseum.

Though we didn't go inside that was for the next day, the day we had ourselves to roam the city of Rome. Evanna our tour guide told us that id any police were to come by we were to start singing 'Happy Birthday' on account contiki despite being our tour guides for Europe were not considered by the Italians to be official. No one wanted to see Evanna get fined for anything and thankfully no police were present the whole time. 

The next stop was the Trevi Fountain where I threw my 1 euro in over my shoulder into the water for good luck. I wish was of M, but to say it or even to type it I shall not. You know what they say about telling people your wishes. 

We gathered in front of the Pantheon to hear a little about it's history before we headed to dinner. The girls and myself headed to a place called Pizza Navona which did amazing pizza's but charged us seven  euro's for a can of 350ML coke cans. 

Now before I end this post I just want to tell you a little story about 'PIG LET'. On the way to Rome from Florence we stopped of at a rest stop for some food and a break. The boys however managed to pick up a squealing pig which was to remain the mascot so to speak for the rest of our trip (There will be photo's in the next post of piggy). 
This pig wasn't the type to be quiet I might add. 
+ Pig woke people up that dared to sleep on the bus
+ Came along to the vatican
+ Scared randoms in the street
+ Frightened dogs (Which will be in the next post)
There is and even now as I type this months after my trip has ended I can assure you that piggy is still rooting, still among us and rooting so to speak ;)



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