Two words 
'Beach Party'

Of course I was beyond a doubt sick to the point I was carrying a notebook with me because I had lost my voice completely. Finally we were able to find somewhere with a good facility to do our washing. Only that it took about two hours for it to get all done. So what do you do - drink.

I ran back into Jade and Ellana as well who were on another contiki group but were on par with us from time to time at the same locations. 

When the party started so did the rather small competition against all the other contiki groups. Our 'BUFFALO WARRIORS' of course won even though they failed to officially name a winner! The drink we were all warned about 'amnesia' we were told that if we were sick of it, it's like fluro red. We saw it the next day that was for sure.

Being sick meant I didn't drink too much, on account what ever I got from Rome didn't sit well with alcohol. So at 2am maybe even 3am the door bursts open with Carla carrying in Alana who was so drunk she was on the borderline of passing out. Now if I was to tell you the whole story that played out that night I might lose a friend because as funny as looking after Alana, breaking into the mess hall to get her water... I still want to paint Alana in a good light. I'll say this though buy the time my dear friend was crawling back into bed it had to be 5/6am at best. 

We went to a glass blowing demonstration, gondola rides (where we all but two passed up on the wine), ate lunch at this place which had really lovely food before going off with Morgan and Marian to find some masks. In reality I wasn't planning on making a purchase on one but I came out with two in the end. There were too many beautiful ones it was impossible to really pick one and be able to take it back home in one piece. 

I didn't get to take many photo's at venice on account I didn't carry my camera on me too much. Here are the ones I did take including an ice-cream fight :P Enjoy :)



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