Austria - Extreme sports and bed ridden

I didn't know what I was getting myself into in Austria but it was something that I can cross off my bucket list had I one.

+ White Water Rafting. 
Now I can't remember if they told us the water temperature was 8 degrees or -8 but regardless once we jumped in willingly we didn't feel the cold - well not freezing till we got out and in need of HOT showers.
Our boat consisted of all girls, in which we all had to work together in sync to make sure we were not going to flip the boat. Thankfully it didn't happen and we got to see the Paramount mountains their logo for movies was based from. Honestly I didn't even know it existed in real life! Wished I had my camera for that moment!
We all had a go, trying to pull each other into the boat though not so much succeeding as laughing our heads off at how piss weak we (I) all were.
It's a shame it had to come to an end, really it was because not only did it remind me of the school camps in year 9 and 10 of canoeing and kayaking but of how great it is to fight rapids and stay afloat.

Unlucky for me with the medication didn't want to work well with alcohol. I didn't manage to stay long at the fluro party despite it looking like so much fun. I did stay however to see the WOMEN win at battle of the sexes :)

+ Paragliding.
A case of bronchitis was not going to stop me for doing it, even if I added it to my optional list rather late into the trip because of the cost.
The doctor was at 10 so when 1:30 came around all my friends and Alana were off riding bikes and such. We caught the chairlift up to the top of the mountain. The only other time I remember doing such things like that was skiing and the zoo. The guy I was going to do it with started talking to a women who was also in our carriage (what would you call them) in German. He was kind to translate what she was saying to me, about the weather and if I was nervous about jumping off a mountain.

When actually ran off the mountain, when my feet could no longer feel the ground there was a brief moment, a space in time where I honestly felt like I was flying. I dream of it all the time and always it feels SO SO real! That moment gave me real life insight into the emotions that my dreams give me but in real life. In the words of 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' "and in this moment i swear we are infinite". It sure felt like that.

There was this I guess 'move' that he asked if I wanted to do. "Roller coaster" which is when you move in circles downwards on one side at such a rate you can feel the loss of control over your face. I did it both sides though from what I was told when I landed and threw my guts up - I should have told him before hand I was sick. Who cares though, I didn't want to do anything differently.

Since everyone was still gone when I arrived back, I took a nap in my room. What I didn't plan on happening though was sleeping for several hours. I guess the medication was working because when I woke up, I was already beginning to feel better. YAY to German doctors.



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