Time where have you gone; why have you faded away?

I feel like I'm living the life of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. There is just not enough time to do anything that isn't work related honestly.

Take this week for example: 
Monday - Wednesday: Interning in PR at The Rumour Mill
Thursday: Working at my paid job
Friday: Assessment day ( I honestly have to get this done, I've procrastinated on this for over a week now)
Saturday - Sunday: Working at my paid job

also trying to fit in dinner and a night out for my friends birthday on Saturday night. (That is...if I can get through most of my assessment which I plan on doing)

I've been meaning to post two blog posts in the past two weeks but when I come home all I plan on wanting to do is eat and sleep (while occasionally watching some DVD's that I end up falling asleep to). Gone are the days when saying up past 12am was the easiest thing in the world, I'm struggling unless fulled with sugar in my system and a need to get my assessments done otherwise it's my warm, big and soft bed that welcomes me into my sleepless state.

Even now this very post is being typed up during my lunch break because I can't stand to leave this blog absent for too long. 

With assessments due all the way through to next year I'll try my best to keep a few hours free to post something. As to what and how big they will be...well I can't even tell you that yet.




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