When I tell people the amount of times I have been the UK they seem almost taken aback on account you need two hands to count it all. Most people either have been once or haven't even left the country. So when we finally left Scotland I was actually wondering why I have never been before now. I loved it there, I will be back that is for sure. Just need another reason to head back to the other side of the world - *cough*wedding/baby *cough*.

We headed to Liverpool, to catch up with my Aunty and Uncle who were going to show us a few places.

The Cavern Club aka where the Beatles first got their start.

Then you have the crazy antics - I mean it was a Saturday night and it goes off like any other town in most of England. So when we walked across this lad on his bux night no one was there to help him. Sure the police were watching but like us they had their own laugh and walked by without offering to let him off the pole.

Liverpool in itself is actually quite like what I see Newtown to be like in Sydney, Australia. I mean they made a boat into a bar:

Have lots of these sculptures around:

But the thing I thought to be the most interesting was at Crosby Beach. 

Another place is the name of the installation set up by artist Antony Gormley. Consisting of 100 cast iron sculptures of the artists own body, you can see them lined across the beach facing towards the sea. Getting to some of them however made me think I had stepped in oil or something.

Thankfully it easily came off when I put my feet in salt water.

Liverpool was fun but getting home to see the museums that I had on my mind was going to be so much fun, considering the amount I had with iron sculptures :P




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